Surviving Vacation With Tweens & Teens

Whether your family vacation will take you to a sun-kissed beach, an urban jungle or a backyard pool down the block, all you want to do is relax, laugh and have fun. Should be easy, right?

Well, if your teen decides to keep his face glued to a screen and little tween sister expects her every whim to be catered to, your dream holiday might deliver more headaches than happiness. Don’t let the inevitable irritations and frustrations of family travel strand you in an unhappy headspace. Be prepared and have a plan with our Vacation Survival Guide for Traveling with Tweens and Teens.

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  • Minimize potential problems before you even step out the door.     
  • Convince everyone to keep their cool (thanks to vacation contracts!).
  • Turn off the tech so everyone sees the scenery.      
  • Keep the peace between siblings.